1962 Mercury Comet Dash
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Comet - As Found

This gallery contains two different sets of photos taken about 12 years apart.  The first three photos were taken when my father-in-law originally purchased the car from a family friend.  He moved it from their barn, which housed the car from the mid 1970's until about 2000, to his garage.  That's also my son in the 3rd photo.  The rest of the photos are from when I moved the car from my in-laws garage in 2011 after my father-in-laws passing.  Additionally, I threw in a photo given to us from the family friend, taken when the car was newly delivered to their Aunt back in July 1962. 


GVAC Car Show 2013

I entered my first real car show this year.  It was just down the road a few miles and it's put on by the Genesee Valley Antique Car Society.  It's a nice show and the turn out is usually pretty good when the weather cooperates.  I had asked ahead of time if they would have a "Survivor" or HPOF (Historical Preservation of Original Features) class, but no deal.  So I was put next to "Elenor" the 1967 Mustang fastback from the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds".  Well not really, but that's how I felt.  Needless to say,  my car is not "show quality" since it has not be repainted, re-chromed and reupholstered.  Doh! 

Vintage Car Wrecks

I came across these vintage automobile accidents photographs on the web and thought there were pretty cool.  Now, I understand that people may have been hurt or even killed in some of these, so bare with me.  The "cooliness" comes from the fact that these caputure moments in time that we normally don't see.  Someone went out of their way to photograph the accident scene, even back then.  These may have been taken by a insurance company or could have been taken by bystanders, I do not know.