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Restoration Begins

Winter is Coming!

I started making a mental list of things I could do on the '62 Comet over the winter. I didn't see myself standing in the garage in 8 degree weather, working on it so I wanted some smaller indoor tasks that could be done in the warmth of my basement. So I needed to get my act together soon and take a few things off the car and get them inside.

Last winter I rebuilt the heater box and I stripped and repainted the air cleaner. But the biggest task last year was rebuilding the carburetor. That was both fun and educational. Now I had only ever seen the inside of a lawn mower carburetor and those are pretty simple compared to one that goes on an automobile. I was amazed as the different ports and jets and things. I could only imagine what a more modern carb would look like inside. This year for Christmas I received a generator rebuild kit, so that will be first on my list of things to get done. Winter is also a great time to gather additional documentation, repair manuals, comb the Internet and amass as much Comet information as I can. I've visited a few Comet related forums in the past year but have yet to find one in my area (North East), that I like. I'm looking for one with many active participants and one that uses some of the neat forum software available. My search continues.

On Comet, on Cupid...

Christmas 2011 full of Ruby Stuff...on Donder and Blitzen. Yes, one of the reindeer was actually named "Donder" in the original poem. Well, Christmas 2011 was pretty good to me and my Comet. Having a car named after one of the reindeer must count for something with Santa, though I'm sure glad it wasn't named the Mercury Donder! I had just gotten the car in November, but there was enough time to make a quick list of some things I wanted for Christmas, as I'm told I'm hard to shop for. Not having any real ideas, parts wise, what might be needed, I made a list that included some car accessories. On Christmas morning I opened several of the items I asked for and a few others. Shown here are most of them. Starting with the nice car cover, a much needed item as the car is taking up a great deal of space in the garage and people are walking by it everyday. This will provide some great protection. More protection will be provided by the blue (rolled up) fender protectors. It's quite long and some folks on Amazon who purchased the same one have cut it it half to create two fender protectors. We'll see if that's the route I go.

Mercury Sales & ServiceMy brother gave me a reproduction Mercury Sales & Service sign that I can hang up in the garage. He also gave me a original 1962 Comet sales brochure. It's in near-mint condition and shows all the Comet models available that year. Very cool.

Other gifts included the 1960-64 Mercury Master Parts Catalog. An invaluable tool for identifying what parts you need, what their part numbers are and how everything goes together. It's on a CD and the neat thing is you can print out any page for reference, get it greasy and wrinkled while you are using it and then throw it away. I'm pretty particular about books and I don't like writing in them or getting them dirty. Probably has something to do with the 3000+ comic books I still have stashed throughout my house. All in plastic bags and boxed.

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