1962 Mercury Comet Dash
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The Darkside

Rust Never Sleeps*

One of the areas I need to tackle is the under side of the car. Even though this car has never seen a northern winter, with salt and the slush on the road, rust happens! Surprising, the original undercoating on the car has held up rather well, but there are some issues. I considered sealing the rusty spots with one of the great Eastwood Rust Encapsulator product and be done with it. They have a rubberized undercoating version that is meant to be sprayed right over the rust. I figured I could degrease the underside and spray the Eastwood undercoating right on top of the existing undercoating and cover over any area where surface rust was showing. But nah, that would be too easy. Looking under the front right wheel well you can see what I'm up against. The undercoating is thick in some places and thinner in others.

1962 Comet Wheel Well On some areas, it is stuck fast while in others it can be flaked off with a putty knife. I guess I was in for the long haul, so I might as well do it right. Well, as "right" as I can with my limitations. You see the right way would be to strip the entire car, put the body on an auto rotisserie and then "set it and forget it". No wait, Ron Popeil didn't invent the auto rotisserie, just everything else that is cool (I've still got my pocket fisherman here somewhere). Then while on the rotisserie, you rotate the entire chassis sideways and now you have full access to the bottom side of the car.

1962 Comet underside Since that's not going to happen, I will tackle one section of the underside at a time. First I scraped all of the undercoating off of the front right wheel well. I did this using a combination of my putty knife, a razor blade and a pneumatic scaler. The scaler does a pretty good job breaking up the undercoating in places it's very dry and brittle. For much of it, I needed to use the razor blade to scrape it off.

1962 Comet underside with Por15 and Rust Encapsulator After all of the undercoating was removed, I sprayed it down with a degreaser and then applied the Metal-Ready, which prepares it for the POR15. I applied 2 coats of POR15 a few hours apart and then in another 2 hours I applied a top coat of the Eastwood Rust Encapsulator rubberized undercoating. To the left is what it looks like after all that is completed.

* Rust Never Sleeps is a classic Neil Young album. I'm a big Neil Young fan.