Ben with Flux Capacitor
Ben with Flux Capacitor - Mobile

This is what makes time travel possible!

Well, I decided to finally build a second Back To The Future - Flux Capacitor prop replica. I've been putting it off for some time. My first FC went to my nephew Ben for Christmas.Ben with his Flux Capacitor replica

He is a big BTTF fan and really liked the present I made him. That was my first FC and what I consider my prototype. I'm currently working on my second one, this time for me. Head over to to check out my progress.

Here's a picture of my nephew Ben with his Flux Capacitor when he opened it on Christmas. My last project was a full size Lost in Space B9 Robot replica and that took over 4 years to build. During that project, I learned how to mold, cast and work with many different types of materials. Those skills were put to use on this project. While my wife won't let me display my robot in the living room, I'm hoping I can install the Flux Capacitor in the family vehicle. The goal with my site, is to document the process I went through to make my flux capacitor and hopefully help others along the way.