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Lost in Space Robot

The Lost in Space Robot

How it all started -The UPS guy had just delivered my B9 Robot Torso, so I was committed to the project. Well, actually it was my wife that thought I should be committed. Lost in Space RobotIt seemed like such a big project, but with all the info and resources available and help from other Lost in Space fans, I figured that I could handle it. It was a challenge to see how accurate it could be, without breaking the bank.

While it wasn't accurate down to the last screw, I believed I constructed a reasonable likeness that will be recognizable to most fans of the series. I'm an Electrical Engineer, so I figured I could handle the electronics. It was the mechanical aspects of building the B9 that challenged me. I chronicled my progress on my web site at Be sure to check out the 4 year journey I took to create one of my childhood icons.

bobandme smBob May - The Man on the Inside: I had the pleasure of meeting Bob May at several conventions. He was the actor inside the B9 costume. He always had a joke or story to tell. His many Lost in Space anecdotes gave a behind the scenes look at the people that made the show possible. I must have heard the story of when the production crew left him locked inside the robot as a joke one afternoon, a dozen times. But each time I laughed.

More importantly, Bob would listen to his fans. He loved interacting with them and answering their unending questions. He always appreciated it when one of the B9 robots appeared with him at a convention and would always thank us for coming.

Here's Bob pictured with my robot and me. After this picture, I had Bob sign the side panel of my tread section. We will miss you Bob. Without you, I would not have had so much fun building my robot or showing it off.