1962 Mercury Comet Dash

Mold Making - Part 4

Silicone Molding Guide - Part 4

Fill it as high as you can. A thick wall is better and will make your mold last longer Vibrate it if you can and pop any bubbles that raise to the surface. Allow the rubber to cure at least 16 hours. I usually go 20 hours.

Start taking apart the Legos. You will find that the bricks will easily separate from the rubber.

If you did it right and the spray worked, you should be able to find the parting line. Don't worry if it does not fall right apart at the line. The rubber may take a bit of work to separate but once you get it started it will separate.

Here's my mold, once I pulled it apart. Next comes the fun part, making your duplicate. Here I show you how I use a 2 part liquid resin to make more of what you molded.

Plastic Resin Casting