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I'm repainting the inside walls of my garage. It's a slow process because of all the shelves and stuff that line the walls. I expect it will take all summer to work my way around the inside. I also replaced the light outside the kitchen door with an industrial looking light I got at Amazon. It was actually a birthday present for my wife as she had requested an industrial style light.

At the same time I wanted to replace the doorbell button. I wanted something different, something with a Steampunk look that would fit in nicely with the new light.

While perusing the internet for an idea, I came across Vintage Wire and Supply. What a great selection they have of Steampunk parts and accessories.

I found just what I needed in their Universal Housing. It's just the right size, comes in three different finishes (Antique Copper, Brass and Nickle) and is meant to house switches (but has other great possibilities). Vintage Wire and Supply also has matching acorn nuts available to complete the look. I just need to find the right push button. I'm sure I have one around here somewhere that will fit the bill.

By the time I was finished on their site, I had filled my cart with several other style switch covers and a very cool Steampunk Steam Gauge in Antique Copper. If you are tired of searching eBay for steam gauges, just to be outbid, these will fit the bill nicely. They sell just the cast metal steam gauge, good for mounting on a flat panel or you can get the gauge with a metal housing kit. Included are 6 different gauge faces, each with a different marking and scales. The nice folks at Vintage Wire and Supply even threw in some samples of their cloth covered wires, perfect for those steampunk lamp projects. I'm sure I'll be back there filling my cart again sometime soon.

If you order anything from these great folks, be sure to tell them that Dan from sent you!

NEW - Vintage Wire and Supply just released a working steampunk style voltage gauge. It's very cool looking and comes in three finishes Antique Brass, Antique Copper and Antique Nickel. Now you can have the needle on the gauge in your next project move when it's turned on. I wonder if I could fit a small bulb in side to light up the dial?