Steampunk Farmhouse Table Lamp

Steampunk Table Lamp with a Farmhouse Look

Steampunk Lamp Number 4My daughter and her husband had just finished off their basement walls and floors. Now it's a blank canvas and they are decorating it in a "Farmhouse" style. My wife suggested that I build her a lamp that would fit in with their decor for Christmas. So, I sprang into action and started thinking about a design. How do I go from the steampunk style I’m familiar with to a farmhouse style? While I would not consider all pipe lamps steampunk, I can see how they fit into a farmhouse look setting. I figured I could come up with a small lamp design that would fit the bill. Also, I’ve been wanting to try something that I’ve seen becoming more popular with the steampunk lamp crowd, the faucet (spigot) handle switch.

Water Faucet Switch I’m not going to write up all the details on building this lamp as it makes use of the same skills and types of pipes & connectors used in my other steampunk lamps. If you want some basic steampunk building skills be sure to check out my other steampunk lamp projects. But, I did document my Make a Steampunk Style Faucet Switch article with pictures and instructions. Be sure to check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Water Faucet Taken ApartThis was a great project and it gave me an opportunity to use a few more parts that I acquired from my favorite steampunk parts source Vintage Wire and Supply. I’ve had their faux Steampunk Gauge for a while now and this seemed to be a good time to put it into a project. Be sure to check out these guys. They are coming out with some fantastic stuff every other week. So much I can’t keep track of it all. Also, you’ll want to sign up for their newsletter as you’ll get notified of their new items as they are released.

So, the lamp was finished in plenty of time and my daughter loved it. It now resides in her "farmhouse" looking out the window over the pastures where the cows and horses graze (not really).