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Steampunk Lamp #2

Making my 2nd Steampunk Lamp

Steampunk Lamp number 2 Steam Pressure Gauge for my second Steampunk Lamp Before I had even finished making my first Steampunk Lamp, I was already planning a second one. I had realized what fun and how simple it was. Part of the fun was looking on eBay for old looking parts that would go well with the steam punk theme. I found a great pressure gauge, which was all brass, including the dial face. Next, I wanted something with buttons or switches on it. I was looking for something old but still in good shape. I looked at elevator buttons but they were all flat and wall mounted and I didn't want to have to build a new old-looking box. I'm just not good with wood. Then I started looking at intercoms and telephone switching equipment from the 1930's and 40's.

Phone Switch Box for my second Steampunk Lamp Parts for my 2nd Steampunk LampI finally came across an old small telephone switchboard made of wood with an aged metal (brass?) front panel and old-timey looking switches. It may have been part of a building or business intercom or phone system as it only had 6 switches. It had all the right things, old time looking switches, brass trim and a dark stained wood case that had some art-deco looking elements. There were two rows of lights, red and green, to indicate the status of each line. The different positions of the switches were labeled Busy & Hold.

Immediately, I started thinking of how I could utilize one of the switches to control the light. It would also be cool to light up a few of the indicators when the switch was thrown. Another trip to the big box store netted me a bunch of standard 1/2-inch pipe fittings. I had a pretty good idea of what I needed this time.

Easy to make Steampunk Lamp #2So, Prest-O Change-O, here's my second Steampunk Lamp. I'll have to see if I took picture of the innards of the telephone box. I couldn't use the switches in the box since they were only for low voltage so I added an ac-rated micro-switch with a long actuator that was in line with the left most switch. Also, I installed a low voltage transformer which drives three LED's that I put randomly behind three of the lamps.

Mouse over the picture to see it all lit up.