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Secret Sam Attache Case

The 60's was the era for spy movies, spy TV shows and spy toys.  I'm guessing because the "cold war" was booming, spys and spying was on everyone's mind.   Ian Flemming had been publishing his James Bond novels since the 50's and Spy vs. Spy cartoons had been gracing the pages of Mad Magazine since 1961.  Secret Agent Man was on the top of the charts and Get Smart and I-Spy were on the tube.  To kids, being a spy meant miniature pinhole cameras, small walkie-talkie radios and fast cars with ejector seats. 


The Secret Sam Attache Case was a complete spy kit in a briefcase. 

It contained everything a budding spy needed to play in the espionage game.  Concealed camera, Gun with telescope, a "message missile".  The coolest part was you could fire the gun while still in the case.  A hidden button on the side, actuated the guns trigger sending one of the hard plastic bullets at your target. 

Like in every single spy movie to date, you open the briefcase and assemble the gun.  The extra long stock attached to the back giving you more stability and the periscope attached tot he top allowing you to see over obstructions. i don't recall every using the camera to take any real pictures.

I abused my Secret Sam Attache Case pretty badly.  several parts broke and of course the bullets all got lost.  I ahve since replaced many of those parts and have actually reporoduce (molded) the bullets as well as the orange button that seems to be broken on many of the ones that come up on ebay.  As a matter of fact, I was the one who orgininally sold the reproduction bullets on ebay in the eary 2000's.  Since then many folks have starting doing so making it not worth the time or effort. 

I still sell the reproduction button over on my B9 Robot Site.Secret Same Reproduction Orange Button


...more to come.