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ms-bw smSo, I saw this small red plastic devil head being sold on ebay as a "replica" of the one in the classic Twilight Zone episode "Nick of Time". That's the one where William Shatner keeps dropping pennies into the Mystic Seer machine and reads all the fortunes that it spits out. He becomes obsessed with the machine and it almost ruins his life. The devil head on ebay was the wrong color and looked pretty cheesy.

I figured I could make one myself that looked better using the plastic molding skills I learned making various Lost in Space B9 Robot parts. So if you are a Twilight Zone fan, as I am, be sure to check out where I show you how to build your very own Mystic Seer replica.

rodserling2b sm

Hear what Rod Serling himself has to say about me and web site. (JAVA Required)

PLAY Rod Serling Greeting

So shoot on over to my Mystic Seer web site and check out how I built one from scratch.