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Back on the Road

All Hail, The Great Albany

I waited and waited.  For 10 days, I checked the mail, looking for something from the DVM.  I asked any family member home during the day to text me if something from the DMV showed up.  One day, there was no mail!  I wondered if it was deliverd to the wrong house or that maybe the mailman put our mail along with a package somewhere in the garage, or sandwiched between the screen door and front door.  No such luck.

Each day I would log into the NY DMV web site to see if I could somehow determine if my registration had been processed.  You see, they don't have any online ability to check on the status of a vintage vehicle registration, but I figured out an alternative method to determine the status.  Like many states, NY allows for personalized plates. CSI-DMV NY Plate Better yet, they have an online personalized plate check.  You can type in any combination of letters and numbers to see if that particular combination was available.  It occurred to me that at some point in the process, my plate number would become unavailable.  Before I purchased the plates off of eBay, I ran the numbers to make sure they were available.  So now I was using the same system to see if Albany had registered my plates into their system.  For several days I was presented with the almost cheerful response of "This plate combination is available to request."  They even slammed the message home by displaying a picture of a NY license plate with the number/letters you had chosen.  Dissapointed, I also tried some other letter combinations, just to amuse myself.  So in case you're wondering, "B00BS" is either already taken or it's forbidden, banished from the list of millions of possible letter/number combinations by the great Albany.  

Finally on the 10th day after I had sent in my paperwork, I got the wonderful response of "Sorry, this plate combination is not available."  Woohoo!  I had never been so happy to be rejected in my life.  Then I started thinking that maybe someone else had grabbed my numbers or that by typing them in so many times, I had flagged them somehow.

Then, on a rainy Thursday, 13 days after I had mailed in my paperwork, the registration arrived in the mail.  It was bowling night, so after work I was home then out the door rather quickly, with no time to slap it on  the car and go for a ride.  Later after bowling, I reviewed the registration and temporary inspection sticker.  I was surprise that there were no request for additional info or paperwork.  No note saying that I had to submit a blood sample or light some incense and face East.  I was disappointed that the USPS used up 3 of my 10 days based on the date stamped on the temporary inspection sticker.