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FatMat - More than Meets the Eye*

FatMat Sound deadening materialThe weather finally cooperated and I was able to begin the installation of the FatMat sound deadening material.  You want it a little warmer when you are installing this material as heat makes it more flexible and able to mold into all the nooks and crannies in you car floor.  I also used a large work light to light the interior and provide some additional warmth.

The FatMat material does two things.  It provides for a quieter ride and blocks some of the heat produced by the engine and exhaust system.   I looked at several of the sound deadening materials available and chose FatMat as it seemed to have the best price/performance ratio.    Installation is pretty simple, but time consuming. 

fatmat sound deadening material

I ordered 100 square feet of material on Amazon.  It came in two rolls and included a small hobby type knife and a wooden roller.  They recommend that you either install the FatMat material when it is rather warm out to help it conform to the floor or make use of a heat gun.  I purchased a heat gun for just this purpose but found a better way.  I used my 2 x 1200 Watt work lights to heat up the interior of my car as well as the material itself.  It warmed up both the floor and FatMat up just enough to make the installation much easier.

Installation took several hours spread over a few nights.  I learned while smoking pork shoulder, that low and slow is the way to go.   If it works for pulled pork it will work for FatMat.  You really have to piece together some areas on the floor. 

Comet Floor with Fatmat

You'll also end up overlapping the FatMat in several spots to get complete coverage.  The roller worked great and pushed the material into all the nooks.  Coming back the following night, it was very apparent that the FatMat was not going to be coming off any time soon.  It was adhered to the floor permanently.

The last part of the installation is to locate the holes in the floor that will be needed when reinstalling the seats and for a new set of seat belts that I purchased for the front seat.  You cut out the FatMat so that the holes are clear.


* "More than Meets the Eye" is a reference to the Transformers toy and movie franchise.  The FatMat logo reminds me of the Transformer's Logo.