1962 Mercury Comet Dash
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Floor & Carpet


1962 Mercury Comet Vinyl FloorThe original flooring in my 1962 Comet was a red & black speckled hard rubber or vinyl material. Being a standard version Comet, this was the basic durable flooring that was offered. It was low maintenance and easy to clean. Unfortunately it was not meant to last 50 years. Through the years it had dried out and was as brittle as, well brittle. The only thing holding it together was the thick fiber padding that was adhered to the back.

The up side of the brittleness and the backing, was that it was easy to remove. I first removed the kick panels on both the driver and passenger side and then removed the scuff plates along the door openings.

Original 1962 Mercury Comet Vinyl FloorI looked for a dealer selling a replacement and had no luck. While there were vinyl replacements available, they were a single color and not available in the speckled red & black pattern like the original. Now earlier, when I was sorting through my father-in-laws receipts, I came across one for a replacement carpet. When I picked up the car there was no carpet in sight. At the time I didn't know he had purchased one so I wasn't really looking.

So I had my mother-in-law on the lookout for a rather large box. After a few weeks she called to tell me that she had opened up the door of the shed in the back yard and found the purchased carpet laying out flat across some stuff inside. I was grateful that it was located and that it had not sat in the box for several years taking on the shape of the box.