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mmmmm I'm No Crash Test Dummy

One of the Resto-mods I wanted to make to my car was adding seat belts.   It seems that they were still just an option back in 1962.  How we survived the 60's growing up with no seat belts, unsafe strollers and cribs is beyond me.  Survival of the fittest, I guess.  I found seat belt anchor holes with welded on nuts located in the floor just behind the front seat, but  I could not locate any similar holes for the rear seat, so I'll start by installing the front ones.

Seat Belt Color ChoicesI ordered a set of seat belt webbing samples from one of the many manufacturers of vintage seat belts.  The set came with 29 different colors.  That's only 2 less than Baskin-Robbins has ice cream flavors.  What a great selection! 

I was able to eliminate 26 of the colors right away, which left me with Black, Flame Red and Red (the 3 on the far right).  Now, I would hate to spend the money for 29 color samples and end up picking black, but it could be a valid choice being that my interior was red and black.  The Red sample was a tad dark and the Flame Red was too bright.  I ended up choosing the standard Red which when against the black part of the seat didn't look too dark. 

Next, they had a choice of two different lengths, 60 inches and 74 inches.  I measured everything 2 or 3 times and concluded that 66 inches would be the ideal length. Now, it looked like 60 inches would work, but I feared not having them long enough so I ordered the 74 Inches ones.   I got the seat belts in record time and they went right in. 

cometseatbelts01 smNow, I find myself taking my shoes off before I climb inside the car, afraid that I'll track in some dirt.  So, I just ordered a set of custom "Comet" floor mats. 

I am hoping that I ordered them from the same place the carpet came from so that the color will match.   My father-in-law purchased the original carpet from Buds Auto Carpets but they seem to be out of business.  I've heard that most of the carpets come from the same place anyways, ACC (Auto Custom Carpets) so I found a place online called Stockinteriors.com who sells ACC carpet and mats. 

1962-mercury-comet-seatbelts-02 smThey also happened to have the same "Red 515" color code that matches the code my father-in-law ordered 7 years ago.  I ordered some samples of 3 different red to make sure. I still have the original color samples that he was sent before he ordered the carpet.

Now, I have 2 samples of the carpet, both with the same "Red 515" number written on them and neither matches the carpet now in the car or each other.  I know that different dye lots could have different shades of the same color, but you'd think they would be closer.  Anyway, I ordered a set of the "Red 515" custom 1962 Comet floor mats with the "Comet" script (in black) on them.  Hoping to see them soon.  Can't wait.

Mercury Comet Floor Mats installedComet script floor mats arrived, and they go great!  Still removing my shoes when i get in the car.  Do they make floor mat protectors?