1962 Mercury Comet Dash
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Floor & Carpet

One Small Step.. for a factory worker

1962 mercury comet floorI began by removing the front and rear seats.  Four bolts held down the front seat tracks.  I was surprised at how easily the seats came out.  They were not loose or anything but I expected to struggle getting the nuts off the bolts that went down through the floor, since they were under the car, exposed to the elements.  I had my WD-40 all ready and everything.  But, a simple pull of the wrench handle broke each of them loose and they unscrewed easily.  I guess I was lucky the car had not seen much in terms of the elements over the years.

Now I may not have mentions this previously, but I love zip-loc bags.  Or more generically put "re-sealable zipper storage bags".  Being a collector (and/or pack-rat), has me owning 100's of bags in various sizes.  Not the regulate sizes you see in the store but smaller sizes that can be used for storing all kinds of small objects, from matchboxes to plastic James Bond ejector seat figures used with the 1960's Gilbert battery operated tin Aston Martin (I'm a big Bond fan).  Well, every nut, bolt and screw that I have taken off the Comet has found its way into a re-sealable zipper storage bag, that I label.  Sure helps later when trying to put things back together and not remembering what screw went where.

1962-mercury-comet-floor-03The vinyl floor can out very easily since it was falling apart .  Some of it was still attached to the "mass" backing, and was removed in large sections.   Below the vinyl flooring, in the sections where your feet would be, was a layer of padding.  

Below the padding was some tar paper material which was also in great shape, but I have other plans which involve some sound deadening material.

Below the tar paper was the painted metal floor.  The original floor that has not been exposed, let alone seen, in over 50 years.  I was surprised to see how messy the floor looked with the yellow colored glue, black tar sealer and exposed brown colored primer. 

comet-floor-onesmallstep01The biggest surprise was the presence of two foot prints on the white painted floor in the rear seat area.  All I could imagine was a factory worker stepping on the greasy dusty factory floor and then stepping into my Comet to apply the yellow glue to hold down the tar paper or rug pad.   I wonder where they are now.