1962 Mercury Comet Dash
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Picking up Ruby

Taking Inventory

TrunkOnce I got home I was anxious to assess what I had and what I didn't. Now the car had very few miles on it and was in great original shape for its age, but you never know what got lost or misplaced in the 49 years since it was built. I also didn't know the extent of the restoration my father-in-law had accomplished since he purchased it.

In the trunk I found a box of miscellaneous small parts and a bunch of receipts. I was glad to see the receipts as that would give me a idea of what was replaced on the car. Also in the trunk were the original hub caps, a spare tire, the jack and a rubber piece that appeared new. But I had no idea where it went. The trunk lining looked in great shape and would need just a little cleaning and vacuuming.

Also in the trunk were several mud covered rubber pieces. They seemed to fit together to make two approximately 3 foot long mirror image parts. Not sure what these were at the time.


sound deadeningI also noticed, on both sides of the trunk, tucked in the space between the outer fender wall and the inner wheel well, a long clear plastic bag with what appeared to be cloth matting of some kind. I had never seen anything like it, but then again I never had an early 1960's vehicle before.

UPDATE: I've been told the two long rubber pieces are a stone guard that is supposed to be installed between the rear bumper and rear of the car. It prevents stones from flying up in the space behind the bumper. The plastic bags with the cloth material inside are sound dampeners meant to quiet the rattle the fenders would make, so I put them back.