1962 Mercury Comet Dash
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Picking up Ruby

What's Old, What's New?

box of parts

Going through the receipts, I found that many parts had been purchased over the years.  Some small and some large.  I had a box full of smaller parts still in their packaging, including spark plugs, wires, points and a condenser.  So I know not everything was put on the car and a much needed tune-up was planned. 

I had receipts for 5 new 175x80R13 radial white wall tires. I had heard that my father-in-law had searched far and wide for original size/style tires and eventually found them at a local tire dealer.  I also found a receipt for a replacement carpet.  Now, the interior had no carpet at all. 

rubber floor


The floor was a black rubberized vinyl material with a red pattern printed on it.  I believe this was supposed to appear as carpet. A little research was needed to determine if this car ever came with carpet.

More to come................