1962 Mercury Comet Dash
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Restoration Begins

Winter is Coming!

I started making a mental list of things I could do on the '62 Comet over the winter. I didn't see myself standing in the garage in 8 degree weather, working on it so I wanted some smaller indoor tasks that could be done in the warmth of my basement. So I needed to get my act together soon and take a few things off the car and get them inside.

Last winter I rebuilt the heater box and I stripped and repainted the air cleaner. But the biggest task last year was rebuilding the carburetor. That was both fun and educational. Now I had only ever seen the inside of a lawn mower carburetor and those are pretty simple compared to one that goes on an automobile. I was amazed as the different ports and jets and things. I could only imagine what a more modern carb would look like inside. This year for Christmas I received a generator rebuild kit, so that will be first on my list of things to get done. Winter is also a great time to gather additional documentation, repair manuals, comb the Internet and amass as much Comet information as I can. I've visited a few Comet related forums in the past year but have yet to find one in my area (North East), that I like. I'm looking for one with many active participants and one that uses some of the neat forum software available. My search continues.