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Under the Hood

Cleaning the Carburetor

carb-before-after01smI spend most of an entire weekend rebuilding my carburetor.  It's a Holley model 1909 Carburetor.  Removing it was pretty easy.  There were only two bolts, but several connections had to be removed including the gas line and a few vacuum lines.  I know that over the years the car has been started and run periodically.   While that was a good thing, it also allowed the accumulation of crud in the carburetor.  I can imaging the carburetor bowl filling with gas and evaporating each time the engine was run while in storage.  It's amazing to see what is left behind when gasoline evaporated.  Short of running the carburetor dry of gas each time it's run, I not sure what would have been a better method.  Maybe it really didn't matter because once a car is destine to be put back on the road, a carburetor rebuild is a must.

To the left are overall before and after pictures of the carburetor.  The top picture is pretty much as I pulled it off the engine.  I had cleaned the part number tag, so i could order the correct carburetor rebuild kit.

At this point it's actually not that bad looking, compared to the after picture below it.  The bottom side had much more oil and dirt on it but overall not bad.  It's not until you open it up and see what the gasoline had to go through to get to the cylinders, that you realize how overdue it was for a cleaning.

Looking into the carburetor you can see the gunk at the bottom of the fuel reservoir.

carb-before-after02smA fully exploded diagram of the Holly 1909 Carburetor is found here.